Apr 14, 2013

The Truth About Six Pack Abs PDF Suggests Healthy Eating Habits

Fat Burning Foods To Help Improve Your Look

Mike Geary, in his Truth About Six Pack Abs book, suggests eating healthy is just as important as your workout so here’s a list of superfoods that may help you out.  You’ve seen superfoods talked about all over the news and the internet.  Superfoods are considered to be packed with many of the nutrients the body needs.  But what about foods that can burn off fat and help catapult you to your weight loss goals?  Here’s a list of several foods you can add to your diet to do just that.

Green Tea

Studies suggest that the phytochemicals found in green tea will temporarily boost your metabolism.  They have also discovered that drinking green tea can promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn abdominal fat.  Many green teas also include caffeine which is a nervous system stimulant that will give your metabolism a temporary boost.  Drinking green tea alone will not give you six pack abs, but it can only help in your endeavors.  Although, you may need to drink several cups a day to get the most benefit.


If you eat protein in the morning instead of a carbohydrate loaded breakfast, you will stay full longer.  This will keep you from looking for a snack for a longer period of time which means you will consume fewer calories.  Eggs just happen to be low in calories, but high in protein.  As a bonus, you will burn more calories digesting the protein in eggs than you will the carbohydrates in your cereal.  So, go ahead and replace some of your breakfast with eggs.

Whole Grains   

Research suggests that people who eat whole grains instead of the typical refined grains tend to have less belly fat.  It’s easy to make the switch.  All you have to do is choose the whole grain versions of bread, pastas, cereals, and crackers instead of the ones you’ve been buying.  Check these out next time you go to the grocery store.  They actually taste good too.


The next time you’re choosing a salad dressing, try some vinegar.  Some research has shown that vinegar can actually help the body breakdown fat.  It also doesn’t have any calories, so it’s a better choice on your salad than that creamy dressing anyway.

Low Fat Dairy

There is some research out there to suggest that low fat dairy products like milk and cheese might promote weight loss, especially around the abdominal area.  It also has protein in it that stays in your stomach longer, making you feel full longer, so you won’t eat as much.  It’s also full of calcium which is important for bone health.  So, have a glass of milk in the morning with the eggs mentioned above.  It can only help you.

Lean Meat

I know not everybody eats meat, but if you do, you want to make sure it is lean.  Meat has protein in it that will make you feel full longer and will cause you to burn more calories during digestion.  You want to stay away from the dark meat if eating poultry because it tends to contain more fat which will just cancel out the good effects the meat can have on you.  Be sure to stay away from the fatty cuts of red meat as well.


All kinds of yogurt can help you keep the fat from sticking.  Low fat yogurt, regular yogurt, and Greek yogurt are all fine choices.  It turns out the good for your gut probiotics found in yogurt might actually help keep your body from absorbing as much fat as it would otherwise, keeping the fat from sticking to you in places that you don’t want it to be.


Cinnamon is said to help the body regulate blood sugar.  If you can keep your blood sugar at an even level, you won’t have the ups and downs responsible for making you feel really hungry.  This will help you from over eating.  Cinnamon also helps the sugar floating around in your blood find its way into your cells to be used as energy.  If the sugar is used as energy, it is not stored as fat.  Sounds like a winning situation.  Cinnamon can easily be added to your diet by mixing it into your coffee, oatmeal, or yogurt in the morning.


Avocados are rich in many kinds of nutrients.  The monounsaturated fats found in them are readily burned during exercise making sure that this fat doesn’t stick around very long.  As long as you’re exercising, it also promotes the burning of other fats in your body.  Eating an avocado will also make you feel full longer, so you won’t be looking for extra food any time soon.

This is just a short list of all the foods out there that can help you feel full longer and help you burn unwanted fat.  As you can see, many of these foods complement each other and can be combined to make a nice breakfast or snack.  You need to remember that you can’t rely on fat burning foods alone to get the results you desire.  You also need to practice good overall eating habits and do the right kind of exercise to burn off even more fat.  If you are looking for more guidance on what you need to do to burn away your belly fat, take a look at my review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs program.

I hope you found this article useful and informative.  Have a great day!

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