Apr 13, 2013

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Can Help You Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau

Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs Book Has Some Suggestions That Can Help

Many people go to the gym several times a week to try and stay healthy and get in shape.  You spend endless hours on the cardio machines watching the TV or listening to our music.  From there you hit the weight machines and do 3 sets of 10 reps of each one.

We follow this routine faithfully and at first things go well.  You’re making progress and losing weight.  Your clothes start to feel a little looser.  Then the progress stops.  You feel like no matter how hard to push yourself on that elliptical machine, you just can’t lose another pound.  Maybe you’ve even gained a few back.  If this scenario describes you continue reading for some ideas to help jump start your weight loss again.

Why Did I Hit This Plateau?

Unfortunately, your body will only respond to something it’s not expecting.  When you first started with your cardio and weight machine routine, it was new to you and your body so your body reacted by burning fat, building muscle, and losing weight.  But now it knows what’s coming next and has gotten used to the same old routine.

At this point your body needs a modification in the exercise routine so it realizes it has to keep changing.  Varying your exercise program will boost your metabolism and get you back on the path to weight loss.  Any time you experience this plateau you should change your workout routine.  And while you’re at it, try out these superfoods to help you burn more fat.

How Should I Change My Routine?

There are several ways to change your routine to get results.  Remember, with every routine you will eventually hit a plateau, which means it’s time to change it up again.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  Feel free to try one or all of them.

Try switching from machines to free weights.  Free weights require more stability to control them and therefore will utilize more muscle groups to complete the lifts.  Standing exercises like squats and deadlifts are whole body exercises that use a ton of energy and are far superior to the leg press machine. Here’s a list of the best exercise equipment for ab development.

Try doing some circuit training.  You can do this using some free weights and a yoga ball or just with body weight exercises.  Do one set of each of your exercises in a row without taking any rest between them.  Then go back to the beginning and do it again.  This will accomplish your cardio and strength training at the same time so you can get off the treadmill.  Also, change the order of your exercises each time to try and avoid the plateau.

Superset your exercises.  For example, do one set of a chest exercise immediately followed by one set of a back exercise without rest in between.  Take a short rest and then do another set and so on until you’re done.  Then move onto the next two exercises and do the same thing.  You want to be sure you’re supersetting opposite muscle groups.

Vary your rest periods.  Too many people go to the gym and do the typical 3 sets of 10 and take a couple minutes of rest in between exercises.  Try doing your 3 sets of 10 with the same weight as usual, but only take 30 seconds between sets.  For one, you’ll get your workout done quicker, but I bet you’ll see a difference in the intensity of your workout as well.

Have you thought about varying your sets and reps?  Instead of 3 sets of 10, try increasing the weight you’re using and do 6 sets of 6.  This will be a much more intense workout.  When doing this you can also play with the length of your rest periods to make these workouts even more variable.

Are There Any Resources That Can Help Me?

If you’re looking for some specific exercise routines and information you can follow, there is a program on the market called The Truth About Six Pack Abs by personal trainer and nutrition specialist Mike Geary.  This program is geared towards burning fat and building lean muscle using a combination of exercise and nutrition.

In his book he goes into detail about why traditional workout routines don’t work.  He also lays out specific exercise routines that you can follow that will keep your body guessing at what’s coming next so you don’t get stuck on the weight loss plateau.

There is also a section on nutrition.  He explains how you should be eating to achieve your goals and what things you should not be eating.  In order to get into the shape that you want, you need to be eating right and exercising the right way.  With the combination of these two things, you should see success.  Users of the program seem to have had excellent results so far.  The trick is to stick to the program.

I hope this article was helpful to you in your goal of continued weight loss.

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